Don't be part of the problem. Please spay or neuter your pet!



The Macon County Humane Society, in partnership with Humane Alliance of Asheville, offers low cost spaying and neutering to non-shelter dogs and cats. Pets are dropped off at our shelter one morning and picked up the next afternoon.
For more information or to schedule a spay or neutering, please call us at 828-524-4588.

Failure to spay or neuter your pet could result in 60,000 offspring over a ten year period. As a result, over 14 million animals, mostly dogs and cats, are euthanized each year in the United States. Many of these animals were found abandoned, stray, or in horrific conditions at their owner’s homes. We cannot stress enough the importance of SPAYING OR NEUTERING YOUR PETS!


Losing a family pet can break your heart.
No matter how careful you are, a dog or cat can dash out an open door, jump out of the car, or escape from a backyard pen and be gone in a flash.Technology has a sophisticated answer for this problem, in the form of electronic microchips that contain an identification code.
Until now, it has been fairly difficult for pet owners in Macon County to make use of this technology. The new animal ordinance requires identification of your animal.
Now, thanks to the Macon County Humane Society, everyone can protect their pet with a lifetime registration, for just $15. The Humane Society has acquired scanners and equipment to implant the chips, and will be offering clinics periodically.The tiny microchip is injected like a vaccination, so it doesn't hurt the animal at all. It remains harmlessly under the skin as long as the animal lives. You can forget all about it... until the day, if it comes, when your pet wanders off. If a lost pet is taken to a shelter, or picked up by law enforcement, or brought to an animal clinic by the finder, a quick pass with a scanner brings up the identifying information that can reunite it with the owner.The Humane Society is happy to implement this wonderful program. It is a great service to the community and should eventually help reduce the county's stray animal problem as well as soothing worried pet owners.

To sign up, or for more information, call (828) 524-4588.
You can also make an appointment by signing up on our appointments page.


Up to $5,000 Reward for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction of an Animal Fighter--

Following the nation's largest dog fighting raid, The Humane Society of the United States has launched a national animal fighting tip line. Those who have information about persons involved in illegal animal fighting — such as dog fighting and cockfighting — are encouraged to call 877-TIP-HSUS (847-4787). The HSUS offers a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in dog fighting or cockfighting.
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